Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time and Art

Valley of the Wiggle — mixed media photo collage on board, 12”x9”
Five years ago, in the middle of the 2011 Project, I created this photo collage titled Beach Day.  It instantly was one of my favorites of the 365 pieces done back in 2011.  That piece was a key to my latest project, Time Travel Photos.  
The latest work for the series is of a valley that became the Lower Haight.  Where I have lived for over 25 years.  I have seen a lot of changes over time and at some point in the future may even do a series based on the changes I have witnessed in my neighborhood. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Karen Savage Blue

Five years ago I created a 4"x4" piece of art each day for all 365 days of the year.  I just came across the work of Karen Savage Blue.  She painted an entire oil painting each day for a year!  Each one of the Minnesota landscape.   The body of work is impressive.  You can see a brief video of her work here.  I highly recommend checking it out.  There is an additional article about her project here.