Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Eurocollages

European Collages, all approx. 2.3”x4” each, mixed media on board 1997

As I continue to organize and archive I came across these forgotten treasures.  I started making small mixed media collages long before the 2011 Project.  This series of 12 geographic, travel themed pieces were done in 1997.  Each was for a different European country.  I printed these images and used them in handmade magnets.  Nowadays printing technology has improved and become less expensive.  I see cool artists magnets at shows and craft fairs all the time.   Back in 1998, I sold about 25 of the magnets in a small shop in the Richmond.  If you have one, hang on to it — it’s a collector’s item.

As far as my current work, one could say its come full circle, as I am working on a series of travel-themed work for an installation later this year.