Wednesday, July 21, 2021

After 10 Years of Collecting Postcards

In 2011 I often used postcards in the individual pieces I made each day.  And then I started collecting more and more vintage postcards for future projects including the work shown in my 2012 installation Imagining Val Travel.  

Ten years later I find myself in an effort to use up what I have saved for decades — including the postcards.  Much of the material has ended up in artist books.  The latest one, Collage Dreams, incudes 20 handmade collages.   Each is 10.5” wide x 11” high and made entirely from the contents of postcard booklets dating from 1910 to 1950.

book is now available that includes all the collages.   Some of the images are also available as prints.  

Monday, January 11, 2021

2011 Project — 10th Anniversary

Ten years have already passed since the 2011 Project.  Whenever I look back at those 365 pieces, I always notice the seeds of what would be future work that I have been working on since then.

Before San Francisco went into pandemic lockdown, my last museum visited was to the Asian Art Museum.   A few months later I was inspired by a video they posted.  I started painting books for my Chaekgeori-inspired series.  This latest one (see below), completed as the new year began, even has a 4x4 inch piece I did for the 2011 Project.   It is tucked right behind the remote control.  That piece was inspired by a visit to the Asian Art Museum back in 2011.