Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011 – Ready for a New Deal

"Ready for a New Deal" - mixed media on canvas, 4"x4"

We are so ready for a New Deal, or do we call it a Renew Deal? It’s time to return to the 3 R’s of government, Relief, Recovery and Reform. A New Deal to get us all back to work, to repair and rebuild our infrastructure, and to reform a government held hostage by the one percenters and their lobbyists.

I am ready to sign up for the next WPA Federal Artists Project and follow in the footsteps of many of America’s greatest artists and writers. In the meantime, for those feeling generous and looking to support the arts with a tax-deductible contribution. Please follow the link to my fiscal sponsor and help the support the 2011 Project.

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