Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011 – Accordion Boy

When you’re a teenager, being cool is so important. Alas, most teenagers are still too young to get what really is cool. Many teenagers simply crave the latest iGadget or something overpriced with a designer label. It’s refreshing to see that some kids get what’s cool. Shane is a kid that gets it. And what could be cooler than getting a new accordion? Actually it’s an old accordion, a real beauty, about 80 years old and sounds great. The accordion even came with its original case, lined in purple crushed velvet. Now we need to find him a tuxedo to match.

The accordion was purchased at the Accordion Festival up in Cotati. I love the Accordion Festival and go almost every year. How can you not smile and have a good time in a park filled with happy music and some of the most fun people ever. And unlike Burning Man, there is no dust involved. Afterwards you can stop for a nice dinner in Petaluma and just come home.

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