Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011 – Palette Geology

I use a stackable plastic tray for my acrylic paint palette. When I am finished painting, I stack another tray on top to prevent the left over paint from drying out. The palette was really getting full with layers of older, dried paint. Yesterday was warm and dry, so I didn’t cover the palette. I decided to let all the paint dry up. This morning, I started peeling the paint away. The underside of the layers was shiny and smooth. The dried paint had a marble-like pattern. Okay, a very psychedelic marble. I just could not let that go to waste.
The result is what happened after I cut the pieces into strips. Applying them to the canvas created what looks like the cross section of geology of a very colorful place. 

I’ve used dried out paint like this in the past. I even saved it for future projects. It came in handy the time I added them to a Halloween mask.

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