Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011 – Giant Green Anemone

It sounds so menacing, like something out of 1950’s B-Movie. Coincidentally it’s Roger Corman’s birthday the genius behind some of the cheesiest horror movies ever made.

But it’s not so “giant” – these anemones are just a few inches across. I saw quite a few examples of Anthopleura xanthogrammica yesterday in the tide pools in Moss Beach at the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve. This was my first time at this spot. I love the Bay Area and I love, after 20 years, there are still new places for me to discover. This is a hidden little gem of beach where a layer of exposed, ancient lava flows have created tide pools full of anemones, fiddler crabs, snails and all sorts of fun to look at crawling things.

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