Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011 – The Queen

Tomorrow is the Her Majesty’s birthday. What do you get for an 85 year old woman who, well, has everything? I am not particularly concerned, but I can imagine her family is always challenged. I picture Charles and Camilla schlepping around an Ikea outside of London. Mulling over a new set of plastic containers for her corn flakes. It can’t be easy.

As Her birthday is tomorrow, you might wonder why this piece today. Well, being the Queen, she doesn’t even really celebrate tomorrow. Her official birthday is in June. And while she is born on the cusp, you have to wonder if having an official birthday with a parade is just an Aries thing.

And, at 85, for most of her subjects, as well as the rest of us, she has always been the Queen of England (plus all those other places). Like the Elizabeth centuries ago and Victoria, the British make those queens to last. Happy Birthday Ma’am!

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