Friday, September 23, 2011

September 21, 2011 – Sidewalk Topography

I’ve been walking around my neighborhood photographing sidewalks this week. That actually involves a certain amount of risk. People might think I am one the cranky busybodies who is gathering evidence to complain to the City about damaged sidewalks. Trust me, I have much better things to do.

You have to watch where you’re going, but I always find it tempting to look down at the sidewalk. The sidewalk, as seen from six feet up, has a quality similar to the view from the window of an airplane. There is a real map-like appeal to sidewalks with their cracks and lines and varying texture. This became even more apparent after printing some of the photos. After 10 years of working with map collage, I feel it’s time to experiment with some other map like elements. I believe there will be more pieces in the future using sidewalk photos….

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