Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 – Blue Moon

It really isn’t once in a blue moon. A blue moon does not occur in 2011. There are a variety of definitions for a blue moon. There can be two full moons in a month or four full moons in a season. The only chance we have this year would be a rather unlikely big volcanic explosion tossing enough dust and ash into the atmosphere. Then we’d see some amazing sunsets and a few blue moons.

My blue moon is all really about the color. I love the blue on retro moon maps from 1960’s atlases. I also like all the quaint, or is it corny, place names that appear on those old maps. They hearken back to the era when imaginative “explorers” with telescopes charted the moon looking for civilizations up there in places like the Bay of Rainbows and the Marsh of Decay. The names get even better in Latin with places like the Lacus Somniorum. When I look through those atlases, I realize by now we should be living up there in moon bases or at least taking vacations on the shores of the Sea of Nectar.

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