Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13, 2011 – Marigolds

I planned to do a marigold piece for the 2011 Project during the week of the Day of the Dead. Marigolds being the flower most associated with the holiday. I always have them for my altar and am sure to sprinkle some petals on the doorstep of my building. It’s a custom to let your friends and loved ones who have passed on know they are welcome to visit.

There actually was a marigold piece made during that week, but unfortunately it failed. With over 300 pieces for the project, I have had a few that didn’t work and you’ll never see them. Let’s just say, when you try to encase marigold petals in acrylic varnish they quickly discolor and look awful. This week I started playing with modeling clay — just fooling around. I knew this piece needed some color, and when I saw the can or orange spray paint on the hardware store shelf – a marigold happened.

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