Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011 – Apricot Time

There are many ways to measure time. Fruits and vegetables can be nearly as accurate as any calendar. Just allow for a bit of variation due to weather. Any farmer’s market regular has a pretty good sense of the time of the year by what appears at the farmer’s market. It all depends on where you live. Here in the Bay Area we know it’s June and the year is almost half past when the farmer’s markets fill with fresh apricots. California grows over 90% of the apricots in the United States and they sure are tasty. I am not objective when it comes to apricots.

The apricots on my kitchen counter tell me it’s June. I’ll know it’s 5 o’clock when my home is filled with a wonderful smell coming form the oven. The smell is from the meeting of sugar, apricots and cherries in a summer cobbler. Some great recipes are right here.

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