Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011 – At Home in Atsinna

Have you ever gone to a new place that feels very familiar. A place you’ve never seen before, yet you feel you know it well. Maybe you have been there before, but not in your current lifetime.

It can happen when you’re by yourself. As you climb the trail to the top of the mesa at El Morro National Monument in New Mexico. You reach the top and catch your breath. It’s quiet and bright on top with that clear blue sky. A shade of blue that only happens in New Mexico. You start down the trail and all of a sudden, for just a minute, raindrops start to sprinkle down on you, just you. After that you have to sit down on a piece of sandstone. At first you might not even believe what just happened. After you compose yourself you wander around and see the ruins of the village now referred to as Atsinna. Only part of it is exposed and excavated on top of the mesa. It just feels all very familiar. You don’t try to explain it. You just end up coming back time and time again on every visit to New Mexico, the place you prefer to call The Holy Land.

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