Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 5, 2011 – Travel Rules – Antiques and Junk

When I travel I do something I never allow myself to do at home. I always check out antique malls. Being on the road is a good way to restrain myself from getting more junk — or at least too much junk. Sometimes I find something I can’t resist, especially when I can use it in an art project.

Today I was at one of my favorite antique malls. The Five and Dime Antique Mall is in an old Woolworth’s in downtown Bakersfield. I always find something I need there. The building is an art deco gem, well preserved and similar to Woolworth’s that used to be in downtowns all over the country. It is very similar to the one that used to be in downtown Buffalo. I can still see myself in the toy department picking out matchbox cars. So, yes it’s a source of cool junk, but also a nice nostalgia trip as well when I stop in Bakersfield.

The latest stop was a chance to get some old dime store paperbacks. Cowboy stories with lurid covers — I love these things. And while even on a road trip, art was still made, tonight in a motel room (see below).

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