Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8, 2011 – What a Bear Does in The Woods

Having painted big piles of rocks over the years, this might be seen as a natural, artistic direction to go in. Being silly, I couldn’t resist taking the photo the other day near Lake Tahoe. And as soon as I took the photo, I turned back on the trail not wanting to really meet the source. One of my rules for painting poop was that the painting itself, in an odd way, had to remain aesthetically pleasing (as subjective as that can be). Also, some great art has incorporated excrement — the British artist Chris Ofili who incorporates elephant dung into his work comes to mind. I have only seen one piece of his in person and really want to see a larger show of his work some day.

And to answer the proverbial question, yes, a bear does shit in the woods.

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