Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011 – The 5

There are about 40 million of us in California, and I may be the only one who doesn’t mind The 5. Actually, I like it a bit. And they all scream back at me, “But 101 is so pretty.” Yes, but The 5 is particularly nice this time of year because it is very green and the Grapevine will fill with wildflowers soon. Yes, there is that stinky cattle death camp halfway to L.A. That smell will put you off of meat for a few days. The smell is even worse if you pass by just after a fast food lunch at one of the many “oasis” along the route. The road has its dull stretches, but if you’re complaining, you’ve never driven across the Midwest. So today is about The 5. Heading south and desert bound. This will be the first attempt to take the 2011 Project on the road and make art every day while traveling.

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