Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011 – Cairo

It’s not my intent to have the 2011 Project be a reflection of current events. Rather, it’s about what idea(s) come into my head for a piece of art on any given day. That said — Cairo is on my mind. Just over a week ago I opened an old scrapbook I have been cannibalizing for years. I did a piece about the Carr Family Vacation in 1961. The trip included a visit to Egypt. I went back to the scrapbook today. There was the tourist guide with the heading This Week’s Events in both English and Arabic. On the next page a postcard of the Tahrir Bridge in all its technicolor glory. I think I had never heard of the bridge until a few days ago.

We are unable to know how things will play out in Egypt in the coming days and weeks or even the next few hours. As the 2011 Project is about creating a map of the year, it seems appropriate to have buried some 50 year old, Egyptian ephemera under a coat of varnish this afternoon.

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