Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26, 2011 – The Road Home

I love road trips and I love coming home. Today it was time for the drive back home to San Francisco. It was an eventful drive, as I had to deal with snow. I know if you live in a place with a real winter, you’re probably thinking, big deal. I do know how to drive in snow. I learned to drive in it. But California Freeways that rarely have freezing weather are another story altogether. I had sleet, hail, some falling snow and a bit of ice through two mountain passes on the way back from Southern California.

The reentry to San Francisco is something that has to be finessed. There is the time of the day vis-à-vis traffic question. I chose the southern route, coming in via the Pacheco Pass and San Jose. I’ll do what it takes to avoid the East Bay and the Bay Bridge on a Saturday afternoon. And then what happens when I pull up in front of my building. I don’t have a suburban driveway to pull the car into. A small miracle was finding a parking place across the street. Car unloaded and a few flights of stairs.

I actually have not owned a car for over 25 years. It saves so much money and stress. Fortunately I live in a city where it is possible. I rent for road trips. I love the folks at Avis. They take great care of locals and always treat me like a rock star. I get the special short line and am in and out in a jiffy. The Eurotourists gawk and try to figure out why I am so special. They should know, they really should.

Tomorrow it is back to the routine. It will start with a morning walk and a stop at the farmer’s market on the way home, art, coffee and more art.

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