Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011 – Melt

The recent winter blast of rain and snow has put the Sierra snow pack over the top. I know how good it is for all us of us in California to have that water dense, snow pack. But, what I am really excited about is the melt. Before San Francisco, I lived in a lot of wintery places. Waiting for the melt and for winter to end, seemed endless most every March. And just when you’d think spring had arrived, it was snowing again. It was gray days with crocuses poking through snow — herring waiting to run. Here in San Francisco, there is no such thing. But I wait for the melt in Yosemite. It’ll still be a while at that high elevation. There is nothing like the rush of water into Yosemite Valley during the melt. The first time I experienced it was back in May 2005. That started me painting moving water, something I had avoided beforehand. I have about six weeks to go, but I am already planning the trip.

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