Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011 – Tokyo

I like to travel, but my desire to travel is usually limited by both time and money, or the lack there of. Oh to have both so I could go and explore the places I want to see. People who love travel tend to keep a list in their heads of places they want to go visit again and places they still want to see. Like individuals, no two lists are alike. Japan and particularly Tokyo are high on my list.
So for today’s piece with the 2011 Project let me try an experiment. Can I manifest my desire through my art? Many of the new agey books claim you can have what you want if you wish for it. Could you imagine if it works? Some high-end gallery showing my work in Tokyo, yen pouring in, business class tickets SFO to Narita. Getting lost on the subway in Tokyo. Pointing to pictures on menus. And, if manifesting my desires through art really takes off, you’ll see me on PBS during pledge week in an infomercial like setting. Move over Suzy Orman, here comes Tofu.

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