Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011 – Your Own Backyard

After 21 years of living in San Francisco, I finally climbed all the steps to the top of Telegraph Hill and visited Coit Tower this week. The view from the top is really cool, and I got to see the City from a perspective that I usually do not see. As small as San Francisco is, it’s the sort of place where we often do not venture out of our neighborhood and a few other places. North Beach always seems like an impossible distance. If I did have a car (which I don’t), I’d never find parking. As for MUNI, I think I might get to Berkeley quicker on BART than I ever would get to North Beach trying to use public transportation.

It is so typical that we never visit places in our own backyard, but I am glad I finally got to Coit Tower and need to go a little more often. The real reason is visit is the W.P.A. murals.

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