Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011 – You Are an Artist

I am not sure if you are an artist. But, I always encourage people to find a way to express themselves artistically. We all need some creative outlets. Today, in one of my piles of “treasures,” I found the book Your Are an Artist. It was the companion book to an early TV series on NBC of the same name. Jon Gnagy was the author and host. The book boasts that when it was written in 1947 (!):

"You Are an Artist," has had at this writing by far the longest run of any program emanating from the NBC television studios."

In many ways Jon Gnagy was a pioneer of the do-it-yourself TV show. You can even find episodes online. As soon as I stopped being a bit cynical and got passed the slightly dated and campy feel of the book, I realized that you are an artist too (or can be).

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