Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 – Flower Power

Today is my mom’s birthday. I dug up this old photo from 1969 of mom and her cart at the Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo. She was pushing flower power. To be exact, old, clay flower parts were decorated with spray paint. They were filled with potted flowers like marigolds and impatiens.

The project started when my mom took my brother and I too the dump behind the cemetery. There we were able to fill the truck of the Ford Galaxy with discarded flower parts. They were hosed off in the yard and set to dry before they were painted. I’m telling this story just to reinforce the crafty (and entrepreneurial) legacy in my family.

In the photo you might notice the sign that reads “You saw her on Channel 7 Late News.” The day before my mother wore a sticker above her navel that read “flower power.” They showed her on the late news that Saturday night. Mom was exposing her navel on TV years before Cher did it and scandalized America. Perhaps Bob Mackie was slumming it in Buffalo that weekend and got a little inspiration.


  1. Happy Birthday Mama Tofu.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday, Judy St. John!

    Too cool... and now I know where Tofu (and Warhol!) got the "art factory" impulse. ;-)