Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011 – Mandarins

People with cars never really understand what it’s like to be car-less. When you live without a car you appreciate the opportunity to have a car for running errands. If you do get use of a car, it’s a strategic event to maximize the amount of things you can get done that require a car. It’s also time for some serious schlepping.

Today was a zipcar day. In five hours of buzzing around the East Bay and SF I got quite a lot accomplished. Importantly I took advantage of a big sale at Blick ( I love Blick for art supplies), and now have over 200 4”x4” canvases on hand. I also have a full freezer. Lene Lovch’s song New Toy was running through my head as I jammed stuff in. And, last but not least, those California Mandarins, or Clementines if you prefer, are in season and oh so tasty. I schlepped a five pound crate home today.

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