Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 9, 2011 – Washington State Blue

Something exciting yet unexpected is happening with the 2011 Project. Many of these pieces, today’s in particular, are turning out to be studies for larger pieces.

The second Sunday and the color again is all about blue. Today was a trip to the Vintage Paper Fair in San Francisco. They happen a few times a year in the City. The fairs are becoming a real don’t miss for me. I first went to one about two years ago. I became totally inspired as I was sifting through old postcard booklets. That summer I did a project where I made a series of my own, handmade postcard booklets. Each booklet was constructed with 12 original paintings. Today’s piece involved deconstructing some vintage, Washington State postcards and reconfiguring in a way I usually do when I work with maps.

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